Allanson International

  • Fluorescent Sign Ballast
  • Neon Transformers

Interlectric Corporation

  • International Fluorescent Bulbs - 24" to 120"

International Light Technologies (ILT)

  • LED Modules
  • LED Cooler Lights
  • Cabinet Retrofit Kits
  • LED Power Supplies

Transco To Go

  • Neon Transformers
  • Transformer Cans/Boxes
  • Neon and Bulb Tester
  • Fluorescent Sockets


  • Neon Glass
  • Neon Electrodes
  • Neon Brass Caps
  • Neon Gas
  • Neon Grabit's


  • Neon Transformers

Paige Wire

  • LED Wire
  • Neon GTO Wire

Wagner Zip-Change

  • Trim Cap
  • Zip Letter Track
  • Zip Letters
We carry all of your neon and lighted sign supplies:

LED Modules
LED Power Supplies
​ Neon Transformers
Ballast Kits
Fluorescent Sign Ballast
Fluorescent Lamps
HPS Igniters(starters)
HPS Capacitors
M.H Igniters(starters)
M.H Capacitors
Fluorescent Sign Ballast Kits
G.T.O Wire
G.T.O Sleeving 
Fixtures and Sockets
Neon Tubing
Neon Blackout Paints
Tie Wire
Tube Supports
End Caps and Shortstop Caps
Electro Mechanical Flashers
Trim caps
Neon Tub Supports
Lamp and Tube Testers
Neon Brushes
Mercury Spill Paper
Glass Cutters
Pump Oil
This is some of our products we stock. Please give us a call If you don't see what you need, we can get it for you at a price THEY can't beat.